Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Geekiness a Word?

Is Geekiness a word? I hope so, because that is how I would describe the computer parts that have taken over our kitchen table:
Projects of a Digital Nature

For now, John moved the computer parts away from the high chair. This is a necessary move considering all of the yogurt and applesauce that gets flung around the kitchen these days. We may get the table back in time for Sunday dinner.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


While it is easy to focus on the major milestones of childhood, I am enjoying the little ones. Alex may not be walking and talking just yet, but he is learning so much.

On Friday evening, he figured out how to open our kitchen cabinets with higher knobs. I think that he has gotten taller and can reach more now.

For the last two days, John and I have taken turns staying home with Alex who is getting over an ear infection and pink eye. (We should be back to our normal routine on Wednesday.) We have watched Alex get so much better at feeding himself recently. He is doing really well with a spoon and seems to be favoring his right hand so far.

Alex is also interacting with his toys more. He seems to understand how his toys work now. He is having a lot of fun with his Shake and Go Bear. He also likes to pass a ball with someone by rolling it across the floor.

We have tried some Baby Signs, but it has not caught on yet. It is hard to consistently do these, and I mainly remember them when he is eating. Still, we can tell that Alex's language skills are developing, and I think that he can understand a lot. He will respond when I ask him to sit down in the bath tub. So far, he is willing to listen to his mom, and I hope that this continues.

Birthday Pics

Sharis took lots of great pics at Alex's first birthday party. I thought that I'd share my favorites.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alex's Tree

One of our neighbors gave us a tree to plant in our front yard. It was planted shortly before Alex's first birthday, and has been dubbed "Alex's Tree." We get to watch Alex and the tree grow up. Another neighbor had the idea of taking a picture of Alex next to the tree each year to show how they both have grown. This would bee good material for a scrapbook one day.

The photo taken on March 27, 2010. The tree has even more leaves on it now.


We have toys all over the house for Alex, but he likes to pay with an empty Mountain Dew bottle and paper plate. I also saved an empty shoe box for him, which makes a good drum. He still really likes shoes too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Boy Who Knows What He Wants

I had a few minutes to chat with Alex's teacher when I picked him up on Friday afternoon. Lately we have been talking about how Alex is eating and the topic of the day's lunch came up. They had enchilada casserole, beans and peaches. Alex ate a few bites of the casserole and then his teacher tried to feed him a bean. He shook his head "no" when he saw the bean on his spoon and pointed to the peaches. He knew that's what he wanted.