Sunday, August 31, 2008

Giant Puffy Taco

We really enjoyed going to Dayton Dragons minor league baseball games, so I do not know why it took us four years to go to a San Antonio Missions game. We went last night with Kat, Marty, Sharis, Sam and Mark. The Missions came from behind to beat the Corpus Christi Hooks 9-7.

Of course, I had to compare my minor league baseball game experiences in Ohio and Texas. Let's begin with the mascots. I was very amused by the giant, dancing Puffy Taco! Where else can you find this?! Henry the Puffy Taco is joined by Ballapeno, a giant jalepeno complete with multiple costumes. The third mascot, X-tra the dog, also put on a good show.

For the seventh inning stretch we sang Take me out to the Ball Game followed by Deep in the Heart of Texas. Now I just need to learn the lyrics all the lyrics to be more of a Texan. Sorry, Dayton, there just are not many good Ohio songs.

(Picture above from the internet)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where is the summer going?

The summer is flying by! We had our last freshmen orientation program on Friday. Yay! Summer is our busiest time at work, and I am also working on our one-day advising conference for September. I am looking forward to things calming down in October. I am going to the National Academic Advising Association Conference in Chicago in early October, which will be fun and a good learning experience. I have not been to Chicago since 2003, so it will be nice to visit again.