Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Happiness Project

In February, Gretchen Rubin worked on love and marriage for her Happiness Project. She aimed to quit nagging, not expect praise or appreciation, fight right, stop dumping, and give proofs of love.

In my life, I still have not conquered January's happiness resolutions. I am still tackling those nagging tasks, organizing, and attempting to go to bed earlier and exercise more. I am making progress, but I am not ready to move on to February's tasks. I guess that is the difference between writing a book on happiness and just trying to fit more happiness into your regular life.

Over the weekend I stripped some wall paper, cleared out some extra items from Alex's room, took a load of extra stuff to Goodwill and did some yard work. February is a short month, so we will see if I am ready to tackle any new resolutions in March. It may take me the entire year to complete January's resolutions, but an organized house and completing nagging tasks does make me happier.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

one weekend 2 shots (February 11-13)

I am a little behind on blogging, so here are my shots from last weekend.

Kat and Toby came over for dinner on Friday night. Toby is three, so Alex also wanted to be a big kid and sit at the table. All three of the boys (John included) enjoyed John's remote control helicopter. (John is imitating Alex in the photo.)

It turns out that Valentine exchanges begin in toddlerhood. At first I was surprised when John brought the class list home, but then I decided to bust out the craft supplies. Alex colored on some white card stock, and I added it to some cards for his classmates. The treat bags were for his teachers. Alex has settled into his new room and is having fun with his new and old friends.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Alex often says two words together and sometimes even three. He is constantly learning new words and repeating what we say. He likes to name things are gets excited about his favorite things. All trucks are Daddy’s truck and water is interchanged with agua. His favorite word is no. I try to give him choices on some things to avoid the response of no, but that does not always work.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Layouts

With the theme of today being snow, I did two digital scrapbook layouts with our snow pictures. Of course, there was more snow in the pictures from Ohio than in the ones from Texas.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

We woke up with some snow and ice in San Antonio. Last night UTSA announced a closure until noon today. The area highways were covered in snow and ice and closed until noon, so UTSA ended up closing for the entire day. (I've heard that the only plow/salt truck in the city is at the airport.) Alex got his first snow day today!

The first photo was taken this morning, and you can see that it was cold enough for the snow to stick. The second photo was taken around 3:15 this afternoon, and most of the snow is gone now. Yes, I can hear people in the North laughing over a snow day with just a little bit of snow, but this is South Texas.

It must be a sign of the times, because I first learned about our closures from UTSA on Facebook. I used to wait in front of the TV for my school to maybe be listed. I hated it when they went to commercial break right before our part of the alphabet came up on the closure list. Now I can just check the UTSA website or Facebook.

one weekend 2 shots (January 30) & a bonus shot

The weather was gorgeous over the weekend, so we spent time playing outside. We even ate Sunday dinner out on the deck. Alex had fun playing with his bubbles and John flew his helicopter around the backyard.

Here is a photo of some finches in our backyard from a couple of weeks ago. John and Alex feed the birds, and John is able to identify most of the birds that come to our yard.