Tuesday, July 21, 2020

2400 Some Miles

I am quick to say that I am not a “roadtrip person". At some point in my 20’s, I realized that I don’t like driving, but I do it out of necessity. Yet it was my idea to rent an RV to drive across the county. There were two main reasons to approach our move in this manner: a pandemic and a fourteen-year-old beagle. Somehow we pulled off this move from California back to Ohio, which was over 2400 miles.

My husband did not think that my idea was crazy and ran with it. We rented a 30-foot RV for five humans and a dog, but we had to pick it up in Bakersfield, California. I was not the only person considering an RV trip in these uncertain times. I have immense gratitude to my husband and mother-in-law for driving us.

We learned as we went, and I could become a “roadtrip person.” I might even consider becoming more comfortable driving larger vehicles. Trips will be easier when our daughter is older. But for now, I have a new home and lots of boxes to unpack. I am happy to have my bicycles back.