Saturday, October 20, 2007


John sold his car in Ohio when we were moving to Texas so save money. We've had one car and (usually) a motorcycle while living in San Antonio. Early on I thought that we would get another car as soon as John started working full-time. When he started working at UTSA, we could still get by with one car and a motorcycle. For over three years the carpooling has worked for us. For about the last year since we have lived in the house, we have carpooled daily. As life becomes busier, we realized that we need another car. We have been discussing this since the spring and have gone over various options. At first, John was going to sell the motorcycle and buy a fun car. The final decision was that John would keep the motorcycle and we purchased a practical car. We kept the Bachman family tradition of buying a Toyota and we had a great experience with Cavender Toyota. And we will still carpool to work a couple of days a week.

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