Sunday, June 8, 2008

Crazy Week

I had one of those weeks where I just did not stop. Work is busy with orientation and conference planning. The neighborhood association is busy with the pool opening. I have way more responsibility in that organization than I intended to have. I have not even lived in my house for two years and I am one of the youngest members of the organization. What were they thinking electing me treasurer?

I have not been this busy since working in Student Activities two years ago. I could feel the stress building this week and have to remind myself how to constructively deal with stress. I also have to remind myself that the stressful things in my life actually have a purpose. I may not fully understand the purpose at the time, but it is there. My two years in a stressful job has made me better at my current job. Sometimes you have to let go of fully understanding the situation at the time because the answers will not come until later.

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