Sunday, August 31, 2008

Giant Puffy Taco

We really enjoyed going to Dayton Dragons minor league baseball games, so I do not know why it took us four years to go to a San Antonio Missions game. We went last night with Kat, Marty, Sharis, Sam and Mark. The Missions came from behind to beat the Corpus Christi Hooks 9-7.

Of course, I had to compare my minor league baseball game experiences in Ohio and Texas. Let's begin with the mascots. I was very amused by the giant, dancing Puffy Taco! Where else can you find this?! Henry the Puffy Taco is joined by Ballapeno, a giant jalepeno complete with multiple costumes. The third mascot, X-tra the dog, also put on a good show.

For the seventh inning stretch we sang Take me out to the Ball Game followed by Deep in the Heart of Texas. Now I just need to learn the lyrics all the lyrics to be more of a Texan. Sorry, Dayton, there just are not many good Ohio songs.

(Picture above from the internet)

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Unknown said...

HA!! Those mascots are AWESOME!!!

Hope you are well :)