Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes, he has a name

We don't just have to call the baby Peanut anymore. We picked out the name Alexander James. Alexander is from Alexander Hamilton, one of John's favorite founding fathers. (John thought of naming kids after founding fathers and famous scientists. My Dad is glad that we are not going with Galileo or Copernicus.) James for my Grandpa, who passed away in January.

I was surprised that we picked a name so fast. For some reason, we found a boy's name easier to choose than a girl's name. We have been calling him Alex, but I also like AJ. I have been in baby mode all week, and I picked out some decor that I like for the nursery. I am still looking for a crib that I am happy with though... John survived his first trip to Babies R Us, but there is more baby shopping in his future.

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