Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alex's Room

John hung items on the walls today in Alex's room and vacuumed. He then exclaimed that this is the cleanest the room will be for the next 18 years. We figured that it was worth taking a few pictures.

Some of the items in the room are from my room growing up. My Mom made the two needlepoints hanging by the window and my Aunt Noreen painted the rainbow mirror. I've had the stuffed animal hammock for years. The "Alex" picture above the crib was a handmade baby shower gift from Tiffany who runs the stamp club that I've been going to for about six months now.

The room is ready for him now but will evolve over time. We are going to have to add a bookshelf soon for his growing collection of books. The TV is in there for late night feedings and will eventually move to another room. I am also thinking that more toys will be added beyond one box in the corner. His closet is pretty full of clothes that we have been given from newborn size up to 18 months. The kid also has quite a onesie collection, which we will be putting to good use soon.

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Sharis said...

I love the stuffed animal canopy.