Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Updates

My parents headed back to Ohio today. Alex had a good visit with his grandparents. He spent early mornings with my Dad, so that I could get some more sleep. They talked sports and politics. Alex watched his first baseball and basketball games with his Grandpa. My mom made sure that he did not spend much time in his pack n' play. She also made sure that we all ate well.

It was very helpful to have them here. John went back to work a little over a week ago, so today was my first day alone with Alex. We did well and got out of the house for his first walk around the neighborhood.

Finally, on a random note, I am posting a photo from our hail storm this morning. The meteorologist on the local news said that we would only get mist this morning. A little while later we got a thunderstorm with hail. Go figure. You can see the hail collected on the windshield of the cars.

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