Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. Wiggles

Alex is 6 weeks old today. A few days ago, he hit his 6 week growth spurt and has been eating like crazy. John started calling him Mr. Wiggles since he moves around so much. Swaddling does help him sleep, but once he is awake he can no longer be contained. He can wiggle out of a blanket in no time.

The six week mark also means that my maternity leave is now half over. I am fortunate to have this time with Alex, but I have realized that being home with a child (or children) is a lot of work. Your days are not very predictable and no one schedules a luch hour for you. I am amazed at how fast the days go by even though we spend most of it at home.

Alex spent his first Easter with us at Misty and Savannah's house. We had a nice lunch and some time to catch up.

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Sharis said...

Super cute pic...soon he will be trying to break free of his crib. ahhh