Sunday, June 21, 2009

Poop Story

If you do not want to read a poop story, you will want to skip this blog entry.

Alex woke up in good spirits at 5:15 A.M. and was cooing. I changed a wet diaper, made him a bottle, and fed Frida, our dog. We had a good start to our morning. I was optimistic that Alex was getting over his bug. During his bottle, Alex had a blow-out and leaked through his diaper, but that was just the beginning...

I took him back to his room to change him. He had leaked so much that I wanted to get him changed as soon as possible. Our old pillow from the couch and my clothes were already dirty.

As I was changing Alex, I found out the he was not done yet. I had lifted his bottom to wipe him, which gave him the perfect angle to spray poop on the wall - and some toys, and the carpet, and his shelves, and some books, and the curtains.

I was speechless! The baby monitor was still on, so I called out to John, "Are you awake? I need help!"

It took the two of us to clean the room and one grandma to take care of the baby. It will take two loads of laundry to wash items and my mom scrubed poop from his stuffed elephant and rhino.

Yes, John took a picture in case you can't visualize the scene.¤t=Poopy.jpg

P.S. Happy Father's Day John! I know that you won't forget your first Father's Day as a dad.

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