Friday, March 19, 2010

Alex's First Trip to the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk can get crowded, and we had not taken Alex there yet. My brother is visiting and it is a gorgeous day, so it was time for Alex's first trip to the Riverwalk. We started our trip Downtown with lunch at Pico de Gallo. Alex ate a little refried beans at Pico, but I figured that the mole would be too spicy for his tastes right now. (The mole there is quite rich but good.) We put Alex in the backpack and walked to the Riverwalk from there. After walking around the Riverwalk for a little while, we headed to Pat O'Brien's to have a drink with some of John's friends from work who were also hanging out Downtown on our day off. Alex did great and it turned out to be a fun afternoon.

Pictures from top to bottom: The fountain at Pat O'Brien's, Alex being a ham at Pat O'Briens, me carrying Alex in the backpack, Alex wearing Uncle Bubba's sunglasses while John tests the backpack

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