Monday, April 18, 2011

one weekend 2 shots (Austin)

We went to Austin for most of the weekend and met up with two of my college friends visiting from Ohio. We have made a couple of day trips to Austin, but this is the most time I have spent there so far.

We stayed by Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake), which is very pretty. We arrived around lunch time and headed over to the Hula Hut, which had good atmosphere, drinks and food. We checked out the roof top pool at the hotel, and I like being able to swim outside in April. We walked around downtown for a while and stumbled upon Max's Wine Dive for dinner. Even though this place is not geared towards kids, it still worked out. Our waiter was great and Alex did well. We enjoyed good wine and the upscale comfort food. It was worth the price, and I was happy to learn today that there is a location in San Antonio!

The guys stayed back at the hotel while the three of us ladies hit 6th Street in search of some live music and fun. We had a good time and enjoyed the people watching. I am now old enough to be happy to be carded to get into places! At work I see a lot of students who want to go to school in Austin. The city has a great night life, and I now see the appeal.

We had brunch today at Moonshine Restaurant, which was worth the wait. We headed back to San Antonio and Alex napped in the car. It is time for me to wrap up this post and go to bed. It was great to visit Austin and spend time with my friends! I am looking forward to going back.

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