Thursday, October 6, 2011

September Expenses

I give myself a monthly budget of $40 to spend on craft supplies (including classes, idea books/magazines, photo printing etc.), and I was under budget for September. I have done some fall cleaning and condensed my supplies.

Early in the month I spent about $3.05 on adhesive. I used some Michael's store credit on this purchase, so it would have been about $10 normally. Later in the month, I spent $3 on a butterfly stamp, which I have already used.

My local stamp store, Stamp Antonio Arts, did a great job organizing their first ever "garage sale." I shared a table with a friend and made $20 by selling some craft supplies that I was longer using. I also swapped some card stock with a friend at no cost.


Alison said...

Well done! Not only sticking to your budget, but making money too...way to go!
Alison xx

Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

Awesome! I've never done one of those sales at a craft store before. I'm not sure if my local store hosts one or not. Good for you staying under budget!

Sara said...

The "garage sale" was fun and we chatted with lots of crafty women :) I've noticed that stores advertise these kinds of sales through their email lists.