Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Week in CA

I have lived in California for a week and our move is still in progress. Our stuff and my car will arrive early next week. I have a lot of unpacking in my future! John only had a week to find us a new place, and he did a great job.

We figured out how to live in a semi empty apartment for a little while. Ikea and air mattresses have really helped!
We are looking forward to having our stuff again, especially the beds and kitchen table. I am sure that Alex will be happy to have the rest of his toys.

It will take us a while to settle in, but I am learning my way around the immediate area. I am working on establishing my new "5 mile radius", although my next job will probably be more than 5 miles from home. I've had two job interviews so far, but it will take a while to hear back on them.

My mom flew out with the dogs on Thursday, which was a huge help. In the moving process, I realized that there was no way that I could fly with a toddler and two dogs. The dogs did well overall on the plane ride, and we were happy with how United treated my mom and the dogs. Frida rode as a carry on, but Paddy had to go with checked bagage. They are both making themselves at home.


Alison said...

So glad to hear that first 'wave' is over, and that Alex and the dogs are settling. Best of luck with the jobs..will look forward to hearing how things are going1
Alison xx

Sharis said...

Yea. I am glad the dogs made it!