Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Captain Underpants

This is a post for my friends who are not on Facebook. Here are two funny this that I've recently shared there:
I started getting out some pants from Alex's box of 3T clothes. (Thank you Kat!) I let Alex keep out a pair of underpants in hopes that it would be some encouragement for potty training. EPIC FAIL! He does not want to work on potty training, but he wants to wear the underpants on his head. I started calling him Captain Underpants.

I enjoyed this comic from Nick Mom: http://www.nickmom.com/blog/nickmom-originals/what-you-can-get-done-in-30-minutes-with-without-your-kids/. This is my life right now! I have learned the hard way that you cannot get a lot of boring "moving-to-a-new-state" errands done with a little one tagging along. Alex will be starting at a home daycare/preschool two mornings a week soon to help with this. I think that Alex will enjoy the interaction with other kids. He keeps joining random groups of kids at the playground!

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