Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Take Twelve: July

Last Thursday was July 12th, which means that it was Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Photo Challenge for the day. I tried to capture some everyday photos of our life.

When I got up, John was still sleeping after working late the night before. Alex was allowed to watch some videos on my computer through Netflix while I walked the dogs and got ready for work.

Busted Paddy! Dogs are not supposed to be on the bed...

Busted Frida! Dogs are not supposed to be at the table either...

This is my favorite outdoor lunch spot at work for the summer. I tried to sit on the other side of the building, but a squirrel kept staring my down. This side is peaceful, except for the construction noise from the student union expansion. I am used to construction on college campuses by now.

I really like the salad place on campus for lunch.

This is my office at San Jose State University.

The summer weather is mild in the South Bay of California compared to San Antonio. We get a few hot days, but the heat wave does not last very long.

Alex made a kite at school and was flying it around the apartment complex as we walked the dogs. John had to work late, so we met him for dinner and then went home.

It was a good night for a treat. We walked to McDonald's for hot fudge sundaes.

Messy Man!

Time to brush our teeth before bed.

We did not move our TV to California and have not replaced it yet. We've gone 6 months without TV and do not miss it too much. We watch shows and movies through Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.


Sharis said...

That salad looks really good! We also don't have cable either. Hulu and Netflix is streamed through our TV. (;

Aliza said...

I love that kite flying photo! Your little guy looks so, well, little next to all the buildings. it's a great perspective.

Alison said...

Just having a catchup Sarah...great the look of that salad too!
Alison xx