Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take Twelve: September

I started my September Take Twelve looking for Signs of Fall. I found a few:
Our neighbors have a flag flying on their front porch, which makes me think of the upcoming election.

This is my first Fall in the Bay Area, so I am not sure what to expect. Even if the leaves do not change colors, I enjoy the colors of the landscaping around our apartment.

Overall, the weather is mild in the South Bay. The morning temperatures have dipped a little bit, and I need a jacket when walking to class on Friday mornings.

I think that one sign of Fall is football, and this banner was up on campus last week.

The afternoons are still warm and sunny here.

It is getting dark earlier in the evenings. (I moved my plant to the window sill to give it a little TLC. I have almost killed it twice since June, but it is better now.)

I quickly exhausted my Signs of Fall options, so I moved on to taking photos at home in the evening:

John and Alex were goofing around at dinner time.

I am happy to have a craft desk again!

My computer is often shared with Alex and John.

Paddy and Frida seem to be getting tired of apartment living and caused some trouble last week.

The laundry basket is full, but at least it is clean laundry!

That was my 9/12/12. Take Twelve is sponsored by Ella Publishing Company.

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