Sunday, January 13, 2013


Our goal of creating a healthy lifestyle has involved more cooking around here. John and I have both been doing more cooking and have been buying less processed foods.

Last weekend, John made Alton Brown's French Onion Soup. It was quite yummy and filling!

I had a variety of ingredients on-hand and found a Chicken Black Bean Soup recipe, which we all enjoyed. I have actually been using some of the recipes that I pinned on Pinterest!

I did start the new year with a bad cold, but I have slowly been starting on my goals for 2013.


Alison said...

Hope you're feeling better Sara...have pinned the soup!
Alison xx

Kriley said...

I love Alton Brown. Thanks for sharing his recipe.

Sara said...

Alton Brown is great! I just made his roasted vegetable spread to sneak some veggies into Alex's lunches (and mine too).

Susanne said...

Oh I appreciate a good french onion soup - that looks yummy!

Sharis said...

I have been cooking, too. I am starting to enjoy it. Woah! Who would've thought. I also started making things that I pinned.

Sara said...

After pinning so many recipes, I am having fun making some of them ;)