Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Books

On Sunday I read Who Moved My Cheese for work (the second job where I teach a class during the fall semester). The book has me thinking about why I have (mostly) embraced change for the past year and a half. We had the Cheese in Texas. A house, a quick commute to our good jobs, family nearby, friends, good neighbors and more. In some ways I was curious to see if there is better Cheese in California. Mainly, I knew that life can really change at any time, and I have accepted a certain level of uncertainty. I did not want to get too comfortable. Moving has helped me examine my priorities. Change has helped me appreciate the good things that we've had in the past and not be afraid to keep searching for the right fit. It seemed to me that the book was written for people who have never been through big changes. For the rest of us, it is old cheese (pun intended), but I am still glad that I read it. It never hurts to reflect and now I can make some cheese jokes.

Next I get to move on to the book that my cousin wrote. You can buy it though the Amazon Kindle store, and it is free for a little while longer. It is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adult novel.

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