Sunday, September 1, 2013

Road Trip: Seattle

My "Bucket List" includes visiting all 50 states, so I am happy that I visited 2 new states on our road trip. It was brief, but we made it to Seattle. We timed our drive up to Portland to avoid traffic, but we were not so lucky in the Seattle area. We still got a taste of the area, and I definitely want to go back to see more.

When we arrived, we went straight to the Space Needle. There was light rain that afternoon, and of course my rain jacket was at the bottom of the suitcase. Next time, I will remember to pack better for rain.

Alex enjoyed playing with the telescopes and displays.

What do you do when waiting for the elevator at the Space Needle? Make silly faces!

Next we took the Monorail to the city center to see the Pike Place Market.

The market was closing as we arrived, but that turned out to be okay for us. Alex did not like the fish smell and would have wanted to touch everything if the vendors were still open.

Alex found an Angry Birds hat to buy on the trip and will be ready for colder weather. Alex purposely sat by the Monorail driver on the way back and then got to honk the horn.

We were not sure if we would drive to Seattle until the last minute, so the hotel choices in our price range in downtown Seattle were sold out. We ended up staying at The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, which was really nice. One the way there, we stopped off by Lake Washington at sunset. I think that one of my draws to Seattle is all the water in the area.

We had more traffic on the way home, but Alex entertained himself with the iPad.

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