Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we drove an hour South to meet friends at Capitola Beach. It was sunny, but not too warm in the morning. Alex was dressed in pants that roll up and a sweatshirt, but of course he was wet and sandy within 30 minutes.

He warmed up and enjoyed playing in the water and sand. We found a nearby restaurant for lunch and a break from the sun.

This weekend we drove an hour North to San Francisco. We took a bike ride around the Presidio and to Fort Point. It was a beautiful spring afternoon in the city.

We rode to Fort Point and explored a bit. We climbed to the top and saw awesome views.

On the way back, Alex wanted to explore the statues in Crissy Field. He climbed the statues and made friends. Once I walked over, I saw the "Please do not climb" signs. Ooops...

We have also managed to do some purging and organizing. Here is Alex's clean room:

We still have some books and games to sort. What are you up to this spring?

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Susanne said...

Great snaps! We just visited San Fran this past week - had a blast.