Monday, March 23, 2015

Meatless Monday: For the times that I do not want to cook!

I have been cooking more dinners since I left full-time work and especially since adopting a plant-based diet. (I wrote a post last summer when I left my job, but I am overdue on for an update, including my observations from "kindergarten lunch duty.")

But some days I do not want to cook dinner. Here are a few meatless options that we've enjoyed:

We really like the Trader Jose's soup. The Creamy Tomato Soup is vegetarian and the Butternut Squash appears to be plant-based. (I need to find a vegan recipe similar to the Trader Joe's Tomato Soup. It needs to be creamy and a bit sweet and not seasoned with basil. This is my new challenge for another post.) While homemade soups can be healthier than packaged ones, I do appreciate the convenience of just quickly heating up some soup. The Trader Joe's website has a list of all the products that are completely vegan.

I was recently stumped for an easy dinner option and walked by Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza. I really enjoyed this find and it was on sale at Target! I have surprised myself by not really missing cheese on my pizza. The Amy's brand products are all vegetarian and some are vegan.I have liked everything I've tried from this brand and can often find their Indian wraps on sale at Safeway.

While I strive to eat less processed food, I appreciate seeing plant-based and vegan products in the grocery stores for when I need a fast and easy option. What is your favorite quick meal?

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