Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thankful Thursday: October 1

 I have been revisiting some blogs that I've read in the past. I enjoyed reading Thankful Thursday posts on The Frugal Girl, so I will share my thoughts here. 

1. The Ohio weather was nice in September! We've enjoyed a lot of time outside, including walks, bike rides, and a bonfire. The leaves are starting to change colors too. 

2. I am thankful for our patio, so we could enjoy safer time with family and friends outside. 

3. Hybrid school is working out for our family. Preschool is three mornings a week and sixth grade is 3 hours each morning with online homework. We feel fortunate to have a choice in options and that our schools are following strong procedures for health and safety. After teaching last school year, I acknowledge that there may need to be future changes and that each solution comes with challenges. I am really grateful for the time that preschool opens up for me each week. 

4. We have a gas range again! This is my favorite kind, and we've not had one since the end of 2014. We rented an apartment and 3 houses over 8 years, so I am grateful to settle into our own home now. 

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