Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Being Present

 I decided to table my bigger "to-do" list item until January. I am planning to send off all my transcripts and test scores to the state to check on an elementary teaching license. I realized that I want to stay present with my family this holiday season and figure out how to make fun memories during this uncertain time. I am lucky that I get to be home with my kids right now. 

We had our first snow fall yesterday, which gave me some perspective on this time. I  get to bundle up and play outside with Carolyn and make sure that Alex has enough warm clothing as he goes off to school and to play in the neighborhood. I can spend more time settling into our new house and making the space work for all of us. 

I will try to write December Daily blog posts and might make a scrapbook for the month. There are great ideas at Aliedwards.com

Here are some pictures from November 30th in the snow:

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