Monday, September 3, 2007

Similarities between clothing and scrapbooking supplies

I have realized that there are some similarities to purchasing clothing and scrapbooking supplies. Both clothing and scrapbooking have seasons and trends. New items are released multiple times a year. I also realized that my clothing style and my scrapbooking style have some things in common. I tend to dress and scrapbook in a simple style. I have some clothing companies that I look to when I need something new because I know that I will get consistent quality and style I like. The same goes for my scrapbook supplies.

I have decided that I will approach my scrapbooking stash similar to my wardrobe. Here are my guidelines:

1. It is alright to invest in some good quality "basics." For me, that includes cardstock and tools. These are the items I keep around, like a good pair of black pants. I like to have a variety of colors of Bazzill cardstock handy.

2. It is fun to buy a few trendy items, but I do not have to follow all the trends. It is fun to watch all the new stuff come out from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association shows), but I cannot keep up with all of it. I'll just pick my favorites. Similar to fashion, there have been some trends that just do not work for me.

3. I will only buy what I love. I like bargain shopping but I do not like clutter. If I do not love a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, it sits in my closet. I have bought some scrapbooking supplies on sale that have sat in my stash for a while now. I brought them home and realized that I mainly purchased them because of the low price.

4. It is good to look at your stash and purge as necessary a couple of times a year. I go through and donate clothes we no longer wear to a local charities a couple of times a year. The same works for scrapbook supplies. I found a local church that makes Life Books for children in foster care. I feel good about donating items to them.

I purchased some scrapbooking supplies early on for my wedding album. By the time I started the album, my style and scrapbooking knowledge have evolved. I have mixed some of my older and new purchases in the album. I have learned to be more careful with my purchases.

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Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

Great post! What you say is so true!