Monday, February 4, 2008

200 Glue Dots

I arrived in Ohio on Wednesday afternoon to prepare for my grandpa's visitation on Thursday and funeral on Friday. In the late afternoon on Wednesday my mom and I went to my aunt's house to help her with the pictures. My grandpa was an avid photographer, so there are boxes and boxes of pictures and slides. There are pictures from Europe during World War II, my grandpa and grandma before they were married, my mom and her siblings as children, my grandpa and step-grandma on their many travels, hunting trips, fishing trips, and my cousins, brother, and me.

My 17-year-old cousin has really developed his talents as a photographer and film maker. He made a picture slide show set to music to be shown at the visitation. I helped select meaningful photos to attach to foam boards for display. This was where my scrapbooking knowledge came in handy. We needed a safe, removable adhesive to use on vintage photos. After using over 200 glue dots, the foam boards were complete.

This was a cathartic process for us. Looking through the old pictures brought out some stories that I never heard about my family. We were able to cry together and keep working through the grieving process.

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