Monday, February 4, 2008


A while ago I read a "challenge” to blog about what I want my (future) children to learn. (Scrapbookers seem to like “challenges” to help us to create or write something new or to get us out of a rut.) I thought it was a neat challenge, but I did not sit down to write an entry.

Listening to family stories over the last few days has made me realize how much I have learned from my family. It will be so hard not to have my grandpa with us anymore, but I also realized that my family has given me what I will need to know as a parent. Here are the lessons I hope to pass along to my children someday:

Unconditional Love: No one is perfect, and we will all make mistakes. Love your family unconditionally.

Make Your Own Way: I know that my children will be their own unique individuals. I want them to be able to develop their own talents and be their own people.

Find The Love of your Life: I am not necessarily a big believer in soul mates, but who you choose as a partner is so important. That person should be the love of your life.

Keep Going Through the Rough Times: Life will present you with challenges. The important thing is to do your best and keep going.

Love to Learn: To truly be a life long learner, you have to fall in love with learning.

Work Hard: Hard work will pay off in the long run. Find work that you can be engaged in.

Find Hobbies You Enjoy: While working hard is important; it is also important to enjoy your time outside of work.

It is really about the Journey, not just the Destination: Sometimes we are in too much of a rush to get to a destination. The real value is often in the journey.


Sharis said...

I like these lessons, sara

Unknown said...

beautiful entry sara
hope you are well