Saturday, September 20, 2008

What have I been up to?

Obviously not blogging, or sleeping normally...

Of course there are reasons for this. I should begin with the big reason: pregnancy. John and I are expecting our "Peanut" due March 8, 2009. That makes me 15 weeks along (16 weeks as of Sunday). John tends to give nicknames, so it did not take much time for the baby to have a nickname.

The pregnancy is going well, but it has zapped my energy. I watched a lot of TV this summer. It is a bad sign when you start to see reruns on HGTV... The Olympics and politics have thrown in some variety.

I have discovered that the term morning sickness is misleading. It can strike at anytime. I finally gave in and asked my doctor for some medicine, which is helping. I have also discovered that elastic waist pants are wonderful, especially ones that are nice enough to wear to work.

I will try to post sonogram pictures, but literally all you can see is a little peanut. My next one is scheduled at 19 weeks, and I am really excited to see how much the baby has developed. Hearing the baby's heartbeat is such a joy. I leave my doctor's office happy because of those few moments.

John has already cleaned his stuff out of the spare bedroom for the baby, but I am behind on that task. The guest room now doubles as John's study space for Calculus.

Work has kept me busy too. In addition to the summer and fall rush of new freshmen to advise, I have been co-chairing our one-day academic advising conference. A lot of work can go into a one day event. It is coming up on the Friday the 26th, and then I am off to a conference in Chicago on the 30th. At some point between now and the 30th, I will be finishing up a poster presentation for the conference about our Sophomore Day event. Somehow, I still do some programming at work even though I no longer work in Student Activities.

So, life is good. Busy, but good.

Update: Yes, the best sonogram pictures were already in a scrapbook. I scanned them and hope that you can view them OK.


pamela said...

congratulations, sara!!!!

Unknown said...

The pictures are wonderful!!! Congratulations again!!! I'm very excited for you :)