Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Alex continues to grow (and eat) like crazy. According to our home scale, he is now over 15 pounds, which is more than Frida weighs.

Alex is more vocal and grabbing onto more things. He went after my plate at dinner this week and went for my earrings the other day. I have stopped wearing hoop earrings for a while.

Alex is a good traveler and we have been able to take him out and about. It does help to have a ratio of at least two adults to one baby.

Tomorrow, Alex starts at the UTSA Child Development Center. We did not expect to get a spot there so soon.

Yesterday we visited the new Farmer's Market at Pearl Brewery and saw the Riverwalk extension. It was quite hot, so I look forward to exploring it more when it is cooler (probably October). We then had lunch at the Lion and the Rose. Yep, we took our baby to a pub (which sounds better than taking our baby to a bar.)

Alex is enjoying the Baby Bjorn carrier more now that he can face outwards. He is stronger now and holds his head up really well.

The best was this morning when Alex laughed for the first time. My mom was playing with him and he laughed and laughed. I was napping on the couch and it woke me up. I am glad that I did not miss hearing his laugh.

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Sharis said...

So sweet! I love baby laughs