Friday, December 4, 2009


I will take a break from posting about Alex and write about myself.

I co-chaired the 2008 UTSA Advising Conference, which was held in September 2008. Around that time, I did blog about it and my experiences that lead me to that point. Today I enjoyed the 2009 UTSA Advising Conference as a participant and committee member. Unlike the past two years, I did not have a large role in this event. (The conference was held in December due to the timing of the NACADA annual conference in San Antonio.)

This conference was a success because of the hard work of the committee members. With just a bit part in the conference, I could stand back and observe how hard others were working. I think that jumping in and doing the hard work is true leadership. My first experience with this was over ten years ago at Springfest at Case. I remember walking around the festival picking up trash and emptying full trash cans. Someone needed to do it, and a couple of us from the Residence Hall Association filled that role. I have been fortunate to be part of many successful events, and have seen first hand people working hard for the benefit of others.

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