Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lots of Teething

Alex has 4 teeth coming in on the top. This has led our sweet baby to chew on all kinds of odd things:

1. My big toe
Alex was having a bottle early one morning, and I dosed off a little on his floor while he ate. I woke up to him chewing on my toe.

2. The Fisher Price Shape Shorter
Alex actually chewed off some of the plastic on the edge of one of the shapes. This toy has been put away indefinitely.

3. The rocking chair
Alex, you may not chew on the rocking chair that Nana and Pa gave my parents when I was a baby.

4. Shoe laces
My dad's are his favorite, but no shoes are safe!

He has not chewed on Paddy's tail yet, but he has that look in his eyes when he grabs her tail...

He is chewing on so many things and can do the pincher grasp, so he seemed ready to feed himself some cheerio-like puffed cereal. (These will dissolve in your mouth though.) He was not interested in this at all yesterday. He did not want to chew it and luckily it dissolved in his mouth.

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