Friday, February 5, 2010

A Little Bit of Chaos

I wanted to share a story from a few weeks ago...

It was late afternoon on a Sunday in January (2/24/10). Kat and Sharis had come over for our monthly lunch and scrapbooking. Kat had to head home, but Sharis was still over. My parents had come over since my mom cooks us Sunday dinner each week. The dogs seemed back and forth from sleep on the couch or chair to wanting food and attention. At some point, John went to change Alex's diaper, and Alex peed all over himself. No problem, he needed a bath anyway. (Somehow, I get splashed a lot when Alex takes at bath, which is now in the regular bath tub.)

Alex got out of the bath and into clean clothes. The day seemed to be winding down and calming down at this point until Alex quickly crawls over to the dog bowls, some of his favorite "toys." The water bowl was down, so Alex found that and got his clean outfit wet and dirty. Oh, well. I am learning to accept a certain level of chaos in our house.

We now have a baby and two dogs. My parents live nearby and get to visit Alex regularly. We have made friends here in San Antonio. Life is good. (cliche, I know)

I am adding a random photo of Frida taken on 2/6/10. She has taken the added chaos in stride.

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