Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am in Ohio, but John and Alex are still in Texas. This is the first time that I have left Alex for more than a day. In the past two years, I have never been so far away from him. I miss my boys! John set us up on Skype, so we have been able to video chat twice.

My grandmother (Oma) passed way on Tuesday, so my mom and I made the trip back to Ohio. It is good to be with family and relax in my childhood home (where my brother currently lives). My dad repainted the inside of the house before moving to San Antonio, and it looks great. My room was yellow when I was little, but then I wanted it painted purple. When I was in high school, we painted it white. My mom let two friends help me paint it, which was a messy process. Now, my childhood room is yellow again. I arrived on Thursday evening and announced that I was "going to my room."

Today I went with a friend to Aullwood Audubon Center, which is where John and I got married. I had not been back there since our wedding in 2004. It is good to be in my hometown and very comfortable. We do a lot of running around during our planned visits back, but this trip is more relaxing.

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