Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oxygen Masks

I rarely find direct flights when I take a trip, so a round trip often includes four flights. At the start of each flight, the flight attendant explains how to use the oxygen masks. You are reminded to put on your mask before assisting others. I've heard this analogy applied to women's lives, especially mothers, to remind us to not put others first at the detriment of ourselves. If mama's not happy, no one is happy!

My trip to Ohio turned out to be my oxygen mask. For the first time in two years, I was not responsible for my child for days. I slept in and ate out. I watched random TV shows. I just hung out with my family without always having an eye or ear on Alex. I was somehow able to make the best of this trip.

Surprisingly, I was able to do this with little guilt. I returned with a renewed energy for my daily life. I looked forward to dropping Alex off at daycare this morning even if it adds time to my hectic morning routine. I did not mind reworking a student's summer class schedule multiple times. I enjoyed going outside to check on the progress of our garden and then cleaning up after dinner. I hope to make this feeling last. I will need to remember to put on my oxygen mask more often than every two years...

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