Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blogging about Blogging

I started this blog almost 4 years ago and honestly was not sure if I would keep up with it. I was inspired by the scrapbookers who had blogs, especially Ali Edwards. I chose Blogger since it was free. I thought that I would not feel guilty about abandoning my free blog once it lost its novelty or if I became too busy to post.

My blog gave me a place to share my life and my scrapbooking (and eventually my cards). I named the blog after my move from Ohio to Texas. It gave me another way to keep up with my family and friends. I was surprised by how much I enjoy blogging. I enjoy the instant gratification of posting. I enjoy writing stories and sharing my thoughts and photos.

In 2009, I had a whole new topic to blog about: a little baby. Now that baby is a busy toddler. I have found new challenges from trying to balance family and work, which can inspire some posts. So far, my blog does not have a defined theme, and I post about whatever is on my mind. This approach has worked for me, but I want feedback from my readers. Please answer the poll and/or leave a comment about what you would like to see more of or less of on this blog. Thank you for reading!


Lynn said...

Hi, feedback from a fellow student of the blogging /scrapbooking kind! I like your header as it is and you have a lovely 'clean' blog now (I didn't see it before). I will be visiting again to read more and will become a follower. ould wlcme feedback from you too. Thanks
Lynn x
PS I voted too.

Colleen said...

I'm a fellow blogger who likes a little mix of creative and family. Makes you feel like you get to know someone a little and, for me, it makes the creative stuff more interesting.
I voted!

Happy Easter!

Jen said...

Hi I am also a fellow student. I like the look of your blog - seems very fresh and "clean". I took you poll too. I also like a mix of creativity and family stories. J x

Alison said...

Have popped over from BBfS...I like 'mixed' blogs(a little bit of everything)I like the look of yours, so will be back!
Alison xx