Monday, June 27, 2011

Favorite Podcasts

There are 3 Podcasts that I listening to regularly:
1. The Paperclipping Roundtable
(You can listen on their website or through iTunes.)
I have listened to every episode of this weekly podcast about scrapbooking. I love the contributions of the regulars and guests. They have even answered some of my questions and taken a couple of my topic suggestions.
2. The Paperclipping Digi Show
(You can listen on their website or through iTunes.)
Even podcasts can have successful spin-offs! The show focuses on digital scrapbooking, but the content can apply to general scrapbooking. If I listen enough, I may get the motivation to conquer Photoshop!
3. Papertrey Radio
After listening to scrapbooking podcasts, I thought about how it would be great to find a cardmaking podcast, and then I heard about Papertrey Radio from Papertrey Ink. At this time, you can listen or download from their website.

Updated 6/28/11: The Paperclipping Digi Show will now be at

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