Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lollipop Moment

On Friday, I had my most promising job interview of my "Job Search 2012." Now I wait... Universities tend to move slowly through the hiring processes.

I had some mixed emotions the evening before my interview. I miss working, but I also love spending my days with Alex. The evening before my interview I was reading Chookooloonks and found a great video on leadership.

Here is a video that I loved:

Working with college students gives me a chance to have lollipop moments. I have the opportunity to help students in subtle ways. In my last position, I advised freshmen. I should only be advising them for a couple of semesters, and I was happy to see students move on to become sophomores. One student I knew over a four year span. I first saw her at orientation and did not remember our interaction. I saw hundreds of students each summer and could not remember all of them.

Almost four years later, I received a phone call from this student. She remembered me and specifically asked to speak to me. I advised her by phone and then in person when she returned to San Antonio. Once I saw her in person I started to remember her. As some of her friends were graduating college, she was hoping for a new start. In my everyday work, I gave her a "lollipop" and the encouragement to be comfortable to contact me years later. It was good to think about this the night before my job interview.

Have you had any lollipop moments?


Alison said...

Hope you don't have to wait too long to find out about the post!'s always a good feeling to think you have actually made a difference to someone's life!
Alison xx

Inkyfingers said...

People who work with young people have so much influence and despite the hard work it must be so rewarding to know you have helped.