Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Craft Spending

I've had less time and energy for crafting and shopping with my new job. This means that I was actually under my target amount of $40 for my May craft spending! I spent $16.24 at Two Peas in a Bucket (online store) for a variety of supplies, including my first roll of washi tape. I am often slow to try new card making and scrapbooking products because I worry that I will just want more of the item... Yes, now I want more washi tape.

In May, I thought about how I spend my crafting dollars after reading Stephanie Medley-Rath's article on Scrapbook Update about Online and Offline Scrapbookers. The article spurred a long thread of comments about shopping online versus at a local scrapbook store even though that was not the entire focus of the article.

I credit a variety of sources with helping me to develop a love of paper crafts. I learned to scrapbook by taking classes at a local store in San Antonio. Unfortunately, that store is no longer in business, but I am not sure of the exact reasons that the store closed. My interest in scrapbooking increased as I discovered a whole industry beyond the local stores including magazines, blogs, and online stores with articles and message boards. I learned to stamp by joining a stamp club offered by a direct seller. Currently, I learn so much from bloggers who share techniques through videos and tutorials. One medium is not better than another, and they have all helped me learn and explore.

I credit online sources for keeping me interested in scrapbooking and stamping during this busy period of my life. I do not have much time to take classes or shop at a local store. I like that I can watch a five or ten minute video on a blog when I have a few free moments. My crafting is often done in the evenings when stores are closing for the day. Without online resources to keep me connected, I may not have gone to find my local scrapbook store after moving.

As a consumer, I will continue to support a variety of business including local stores, online stores, direct sellers, and even the big box stores. I don't like to see the us vs. them mentality develop but would rather each focus on developing their niche or niches. Here is a list of all the places that I like to shop:

Memories Live On (my local store)

Stampin' Up!

Simon Says Stamp

Two Peas in a Bucket





Alison said...

I have to rely almost totally on online shopping and inspiration..we have only a couple of craft stores within driving distance, which keep only the basics (glue, scissors,the odd sheet of 12x12, ribbon etc) and we don't get 'hobby' magazines of any sort at all, locally
Alison xx

Sian said...

An interesting and enjoyable read! I have no real scrapbook shops anywhere near and all my shopping is online. I depend a lot on kits as a way of getting a pulled together selection of products without me having to choose every single individual sheet. And I love to see what other scrappers have purchased - that washi tape is beautiful!

Sharis said...


I have the cloud washi tape, too. It's pretty much my new fave!

I recently got a whole stash of stuff at Joann's. This whole time I thought it was just fabric. Who knew? It is an exciting new place to go for me.

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