Sunday, August 5, 2012

July Craft Spending

I did not buy any craft supplies in July! This was for a few reasons. I received some as gifts for my birthday at the end of June, so I have been using those. Also, I only did a little crafting in July due to the busy period at work, Alex's swim lessons, and the lack of a craft desk. Work is still busy, Alex has another week of swim lessons, but I have a craft desk again. We reorganized our living room and bought new computer desks (yay for Ikea!), so I ended up with an extra desk. I am setting up a craft corner in our bedroom. I have already spent a little in August. I am taking "Composition for Collage," an online class at Big Picture Classes. I am learning about design and am looking forward to trying some new things.

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Sharis said...

Yea, for your scrap desk!