Saturday, March 23, 2013

Being Tourists in San Francisco

Last Sunday we planned to spend the day as tourists in San Francisco. We had been discussing a boat ride around the Bay for about a year now. John purchased the tickets online a few days in advance.We headed to Pier 39 for lunch when we arrived in SF. We had lunch at Fog Harbor Fish House. We enjoyed the views, crab cakes, clam chowder, and fish & chips. Alex even ate all of his broccoli!

Alex really enjoyed coloring on the table since it was covered in paper.

It was a beautiful day and we walked around the Pier for a while before boarding our boat bus. It turned out that the tickets were for a bus tour and a boat ride.

The bus tour had a set departure time, so we decided to take the bus tour first and then the boat ride. We figured that each tour would be about an hour. Nope, the bus tour was three and a half hours long with a few stops along the way. We chose the front row on the second level of the double decker bus and had great views of the city. John got a break from driving and we all saw more of the city, especially at the top of Twin Peaks. Alex napped at the end of the bus tour and agreed to wait for another day to take our boat ride.

Our bus tour turned out to be a fun surprise. We headed to Oakland for dinner with Uncle Matt. We had pizza at Lanesplitter since Zachary's Chicago Pizza was packed.

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