Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Kilt

Remember when I posted about Alex being potty trained? Well, it is still not 100% with him. Alex is a kid who does not like to stop what he is doing, and he does not mind being dirty. This has not made potty training an easy process! We are hanging in there and making progress through.

Recently, Alex did run out of extra clothes at school. It happens... The extra summer item they had available in his size was not what he usually wears. It was pink with flowers, and we will call it a "kilt."

I chuckled when I saw Alex in this at pick-up, but it just did not seem right to take his picture. He did not choose to wear it, and I appreciate how one of his teachers explained to the boys about kilts. To all the parents out there who stuggle with potty training, I understand. I have been told that I was not an easy child to potty train either...

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