Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had a fun and busy weekend! On Friday night, John and I went to see Shakespeare in the Park and this year's play was Macbeth.

On Saturday, Alex continued to practice riding his bike without training wheels. Mr.Independent wants to do it by himself. In an attempt to keep up with Alex, I bought a bike and love it.

We met friends at the Night Market on Saturday for the Sriracha Fest. Alex provided entertainment with his balloon (the pig from Angry Birds) and mustache.

Alex was good while I was with my "stamping friends" at a Meetup event on Sunday morning. He had some brunch and played on my iPad. I found these pictures afterwards:
Yes, he was wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt and his Mickey ears from Disneyland. We have another busy week ahead with swim lessons for Alex and transfer orientation for me at work.

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