Monday, May 18, 2015

Meatless in Monterey

We just returned from a weekend in Monterey, California. I had no problem traveling with my omnivore family and staying meatless. We rented a cottage with a kitchen, so we ate about half of our meals there. We brought a little food with us and made a trip to Trader Joe's. As a treat, I think that the Trader Joe's Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream cannot be be beat! It is really rich and delicious. Is not not low calorie or low fat, but it does have less calories and fat than a serving of regular ice cream.

Before the trip I bought the Happy Cow App to help research veg-friendly restaurants. We played our meals by ear, but it was still nice to have this tool. Our first meal in town was at the Sand Bar and Grill. John wanted seafood, but I was still able to find a meatless and delicious pasta dish. It had olives and capers for a nice flavor. Our view of the bay and boats was fantastic.

One of our favorite Bay Area chains is Ike's Place. They make a huge variety of sandwiches, including vegetarian and vegan options. Alex and I split a "Meatless Mike" since the sandwiches are large.

I was impressed with the cafe at the Monterey Bay Aquarium even though it is a bit pricey. I was able to find a veggie burger and plenty of other meatless options. They had menus out that shared their vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

The food was just one part of this fun trip! I will share more pictures from our trip in a future post.

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