Monday, May 4, 2015

Around Here - April 2015

Here are some of our pictures from April 2015:

Alex enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt and then we headed to the East Bay for a yummy vegan brunch with family at Sanctuary Bistro. I managed to avoid eating milk chocolate Easter candy this year!

We continue to have mainly vegetarian & vegans dinner, and recently I made vegetarian chili with "Happy Herbivore" cornbread. I found a vegan cheese that I like on grilled cheese sandwiches. It takes a little longer to melt than dairy cheese, but it fulfills my grilled cheese craving.

Alex and I planted a little garden during his spring break. We need to add a little more dirt, but I am happy with the fabric container. It will be easier to move in the future and holds a tomato plant, a blueberry bush, and some strawberry plants. We planted spinach, summer squash, and carrot seeds. We also have a couple of herb plants.

On April 25th, we headed to the first ever Oakland Veg Fest and had a great time. We enjoyed yummy food, free samples, and inspirational speakers.

Happy May!

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