Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At Home

I've spent the last two days at home fighting a cold. After sleeping a lot, I think that I am now winning. I'll go back to work tomorrow for orientation. We (13-14 advisors) see about 340 new freshmen each Thursday to help them pick their fall class schedules. It would take a lot more than a cold for any of us to call in sick on orientation day!

We cancelled the cable a couple of months ago, so the channels we get with the antenna are ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. The only thing on mid-day are soap operas, so I decided to update my blog. You may notice that I have been playing with the layout templates. Blogger offers many templates, so I have been changing them around for variety.

I found another scrapbook site I really enjoy. It is ScrapWords and emphasizes using words in scrapbooking. I find words and pictures to be a powerful comination and have started journaling more in my scrapbooks. The site also has a place for blogs. Since I enjoy blogging here, I think that I will start one their too. This blog will not change much, but I will use the new blog to talk more about scrapbooking.

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