Thursday, July 12, 2007


When you walk into Wal-Mart, Target, or you local grocery store (here it is HEB) you cannot miss the school supplies. It is only July, but the retailers want you to buy school supplies and school clothes even though kids will not return to school until August or September. In contrast, John’s first day back-to-school (July 11) was just a typical day. Off he went to work, but he just stayed later to go to class (Freshmen Composition). No new clothes or school supplies, just some books borrowed from one of my co-workers and a new book from the UTSA bookstore.

I am seeing a different perspective on student life at UTSA by watching John go to school there. I can now honestly tell the freshmen that I understand how expensive classes and books are at UTSA. I see the perspective of the non-traditional students trying to find evening and online classes. I have caught myself going into advisor mode a couple of times as John talked about going back to school. I tried to get myself out of advisor mode and back to wife mode.

Since I really enjoy school (why do you think I work in education?), I find myself getting excited for John. Tonight I was even assigned to read one of his essays. It was about gender and communication, so it was applicable to our marriage. As much as I want for John to share the college experience I had, I know that his will be different. He has been working in computers for almost ten years now. He also is the most independent leaner that I have known.

For the next five weeks, John will spend lots of time in the spare bedroom reading essays and writing papers. The robot parts in the garage will remain untouched except for some time on the weekends.

On another note, I have heard that John has shared my blog address with a friend from work because he has not updated his blog in about six months. I am hoping for some humorous comments, but remember that my mom also reads my blog.

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