Sunday, July 8, 2007

Confession Time

Ok, so I skipped the Weight Watchers meeting this week. It was due to poor planning on my part. I had the Saturday shift at work, so I thought that I'd go to the 7:30 am meeting before work. Wrong! I did not want to get up that early on a Saturday morning.

I've had a relaxing few days off from work, and I mainly hung around the house. Frida did have to go to the vet on Thursday, but she is much better now. I'll spare you the details... She is happy to get her antibiotic in cheese twice a day.

John and I have managed to share a car for three years now. (Most of this time he has had a motorcylce.) As we are pulled in different directions, it is time to sell the motorcycle and buy another car. John test drove a new Honda Civic Si yesterday. I just rode along because I have only driven automatics... It is a nice car, but $$$. My practical side is saying buy a used car! For some reason, John does not want to jump onto the Bachman Family Toyota Bandwagon. Mom and Dad have Corollas, I have a Corolla, and Brendan has a Tacoma.

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