Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Alex paints like no other."

I have been very happy having Alex at the UTSA Child Development Center. His brave teachers allow the babies (and a few toddlers) to paint! For Alex's first painting, they covered the mattress of his crib and had him paint with his feet. He still had some blue paint in his toes at the end of the day. We recently were able to bring home his first painting. I am trying to resist the urge to frame it. I referred to Alexander "Picasso" having his blue period in a previous post.

For Alex's second painting last Monday (October 26), he painted a foam pumpkin orange. (I think that he chewed on the pumpkin before paining it...) This time, they put him in a tub and he painted with his hands. Alex only had a little paint on him at the end of the day, but one of his teachers had a large blob of orange paint on her t-shirt care of Alex. The artwork and pictures of the kids making the artwork hang outside of the classroom. The caption on Alex's photo reads, "Alex paints like no other."